My name is Brett Archibald and I am a digital designer.*
I have a diverse skillset and a wealth of experience across various platforms, focusing primarily on responsive UI design, with a strong UX-first approach and focus on user-centred design principles.
I am confident working on every aspect of the digital design spectrum, both leading and collaborating on projects from conception to completion, and every stage in-between – taking in UX-analysis, ideation, wireframing, mockups, prototypes, asset-production, and overseeing development.
Whilst I am predominantly a UI designer, I have an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the various development technologies and platforms that I design for, and a wealth of experience liaising very closely with developers on projects.
Whilst I have worked across a broad range of varying platforms and differing industries, the same core UX skills and underlying design principles that I apply to my work are adaptable and can be applied confidently to any project I am tasked with.
Although I currently work in digital, I have been involved in design in one form or another for more than 20 years, having previously worked in print, product and interior design.
I possess a keen eye for detail and I have a genuine passion for the work I do. Job-titles and skill-sets aside, I am a "problem-solver" above all else. This not only means coming up with solutions to problems, but also crucially in identifying what the problems are to begin with.
TL;DR – My Skills, Summarised:
• User interface design
• User experience design
• Responsive websites
• Mobile/tablet apps
• Prototyping
• Design systems
• Wireframing
• High-fidelity mockups
• Final artwork asset production
• Project management
• Illustration
• Animation
• Video creation/editing
• Image editing
• Icon design
• Game design
• Social media campaigns
• Online advertising
• Email templates
• HTML5 animated banners
• Brand guidelines
• Print-based projects
• General problem-solving
• Attention to detail
• Great grammar
* There are (too) many job titles that a designer can go by these days, and I don’t want to restrict myself by giving what I do a specific label if it then excludes other aspects of what I do. But stripped right back down to basics, I am a designer in the true sense of the word, in that I design solutions to problems, no matter what type of problem.
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